Simple + Modern Toddler Bedroom

*Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you!) from qualifying purchases.* Check out these awesome Amazon links! Personally, I love Boon products. This looks like a great deal on an iPhone; I know it isn’t the exact one that you want, but I figured this link was aContinue reading “Simple + Modern Toddler Bedroom”

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

As January draws to a close, we start looking ahead to the next thing. An obvious February highlight is Valentine’s Day! I decided to write up this Valentine’s Day gift guide for you all and share some gifting tips + suggestions. I love celebrating – in an introverted, homebody kind of way (definitely not aContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

Fragmented Memories

Memories become fragmented over time, the edges blurring as details fade. Sounds are lost to incomplete recollections, familiar scents drift away, life carries on and we find ourselves wondering… did that really happen? It has been almost eight years now since my brother died. Experiencing a trauma like that, part of you freezes right thenContinue reading “Fragmented Memories”