Wherever He Leads

You guys. This has been a week of happening! It seems every time I sit down to write an update, something new happens.

Last week Andrew was offered, and consequently accepted, a fantastic job in Peoria, Arizona – with a start date of September 16th! He leaves a week from Wednesday. Vivian and I will remain in Oregon a couple weeks longer, packing our belongings for the move. None of us are looking forward to the time apart, but the days will be busy and should pass quickly.

On Thursday the house we rent hit the market, which is exciting. Countless hours of work went into getting the entire property show-ready; seeing the finished product, complete with gorgeous real estate photos, was rewarding to all of us. There have been quite a few showings this week; we are praying that God brings the right buyer soon!

To top it all off… WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!

I adore my little blue house and have been so thankful for the nearly-three years we have spent here. We have made so many precious memories (not to mention the fact that my daughter was born in this house). But oh, there is something about buying your very own home!

The whole process happened quite fast, which was a little overwhelming to me, but I believe that we made the right decision. We are buying (still in the contract process) a new construction in a beautiful neighborhood in Buckeye, AZ. Our realtor sent us info on the home, went and looked at it with my aunt and uncle, and then we had to make a “pretty sure” decision right then. We put down $1,000 as earnest money, spent the weekend going over pros and cons, and on Monday we decided to proceed.

I’m still in awe that this is my life right now!

The fact that we felt led to move. That every step of the way, doors are opening. Support of family and friends – even Andrew’s current employer. The new job. The house. I find myself overwhelmed with all these blessings.

God is so so good, and not only in these times. We have been through some very difficult times, but God is always faithful. Always there. But then there are seasons like this where all this big, miraculous things come together and it is evident that not only is He at work, but He is for us. Even though I deserve less than nothing.

Yesterday, I got a plane ticket. Vivian and I fly out to Arizona on October 5th, 2019.

This is happening, friends! Now I need to go pack up my house.

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