First Impressions

Three weeks ago I boarded a plane in southern Oregon and flew to Phoenix, Arizona. Not only did the aircraft transport me over 800 miles but it would seem that we also went back in time and hit “restart” on summer. We’re pushing on to the end of October and I’m still rockin’ shorts.

So, what are my first impressions of this new place I call home?

It’s big.

While I grew up in the Portland metro area, it has been nearly a decade since I’ve lived somewhere that large. Southern Oregon has a small-town feel, even in the larger cities, and has one freeway that boasts two lanes. It was small, but comfortable and homey.

Then we move to Arizona, and there is a place on I-10 that is 8 lanes across. One direction. I knew it would be a big change coming here, but it is still impressive to see it all up close. Especially the cacti, which are pretty amazing!

It’s open.

Knowing that Arizona was much more densely populated, I anticipated there being a lot of city. However, Buckeye has a lot of agriculture; there are a lot of farmlands near where I live, and even on toward Phoenix and other big cities there is a lot of open range. It is much more open and spread out than I anticipated, which is honestly really nice.

Also, take a look at those mountains! So different than what I’m used to in Oregon, but absolutely breathtaking nonetheless. The sunsets are glorious.

It’s also hot.

You know I had to mention it. Really though, the heat hasn’t been too bad – but it is also October. And 90 degrees. So while I’m not suffering from the heat right now, it basically still feels like summer, which is strange. The climate was honestly one of the hardest parts about moving; I love the Oregon seasons.

I love my house.

Every day, I still can’t believe that it’s really mine. It’s so bright and spacious, in a lovely neighborhood right across the street from a park. I unpacked our belongings in about a week (I don’t live well in chaos), but actually going through and organizing things is a little more of a process. The two areas that really need some love are the pantry and bathroom. But overall, I feel like we have settled in pretty well. It has been fun to watch this house become our own.

Vivian has done exceptionally well with the change. I was a little worried about it being hard for her, as she is such a little creature of habit, but she has handled it beautifully. She seems comfortable and confident in her new home. Recently, she has also become a lot more self-entertained, which has been nice. But we still love to snuggle and read books, or pretend to wash dishes, or build with Duplos. She enjoys going on walks to the park or to the mailbox (which is down the road a ways). It’s hard to believe that this little lady will be two next month. TWO!

All in all, it is definitely different living here, but so far so good. I am excited to become more familiar with the area and go on some adventures (blog post about last week’s exploration coming soon!). I feel tremendously blessed to be where we’re at and I’m excited to see what God will do with us in this place.

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