Practical Tips for Staying Sane As A SAHM

These are crazy times. I don’t plan on writing a post about COVID-19. It’s not something I am inclined to discuss politically and frankly, there is already such a wealth of information available, I don’t feel compelled to share my personal thoughts. However, I am aware of the fact that so many people have beenContinue reading “Practical Tips for Staying Sane As A SAHM”

Tips For Road Tripping With Littles

Let’s face it – traveling with little ones can be intimidating. Especially the first time, when you have no idea how they will react to the long hours in the car (and when you’ve gone from a backpack of essentials to a packed-out car with a bag for every category of your life [plus extras]Continue reading “Tips For Road Tripping With Littles”

5 Gift Ideas For One Year Olds

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy list posts – especially ones that actually have unique ideas and don’t break the bank. As Vivian’s first birthday approached, I began Googling such lists. I wanted toys that would grow with her a bit and be educational, rather than something she would tire of in aContinue reading “5 Gift Ideas For One Year Olds”