5 Gift Ideas For One Year Olds

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy list posts – especially ones that actually have unique ideas and don’t break the bank. As Vivian’s first birthday approached, I began Googling such lists. I wanted toys that would grow with her a bit and be educational, rather than something she would tire of in a matter of weeks. I also needed ideas that were affordable. Everyone defines ‘affordable’ differently, but my personal aim is to keep items under $20 (preferably around $10-$15). Some of the toys below are a bit higher than that, but I feel they are worth the price. Again, everyone has their own budget and if a certain toy really seems like it would be perfect for your child, go ahead and spend a little extra! Buying something they truly love rather than just having ‘more stuff’ is worth it in the long run.

Below are some items that fit that criteria for me. I hope that they do for you as well!

*Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate, I earn a commission (at no extra cost to you!) from qualifying purchases. Prices listed below were accurate at the time of publication but are subject to change.*

1. Squigz {$24.95}

First of all, do yourself a favor and check out Fat Brain Toys. They have some of the coolest educational toys! You can also browse their website by age category, which is super helpful.

Squigz are one of my favorites. They are silicone shapes with suction cups on each end (the tagline is “fun little suckers”, which I think is adorable). Vivian started playing with these when she was around 6 months old, when we would visit her uncles. I bought a set for her first birthday and she still loves them. At the time I bought them she didn’t quite have the dexterity to build with them, but she still loved to stick them to all sorts of surfaces and the soft silicone makes them great for teething. I love that this is a toy that will last a long time. My little brothers (5 and 8) still enjoy building with their set.

2. Baby Einstein Symphony Gears {$24.99}

This is such a fun and educational toy! The gears are different colors (each featuring a picture of a different animal) and have a color-coordinating peg on the main board. Kiddos can put the gears on and off, spin them, or stack them. Each gear controls an instrument; you can use all the gears for a full orchestra, or only have one or two instruments.

In addition to cultivating a love for music, this toy also helps littles practice their hand-eye coordination, learn cause-and-effect, and identify / match colors.

3. Photo Album {$6.99}

A photo album is a great idea for babies (of all ages, really). Little ones love to turn pages, and it is even more exciting when they are seeing pictures of things they recognize! Print photos of your own family, or of extended family that your child may not get to see as often. You could make an animal book, or have pages focused on shapes or colors. Get creative! This particular book holds six 4×6 photos. While it is not cloth, the pages are soft and thick, making it easy for baby to flip through. I bought this album because of the price point – there are a lot of expensive albums out there! – and have been very happy with how it has held up.

4. Dimpl {$12.95}

Another great toy from Fat Brain – you may just buy this one for yourself! Dimpl is a basic toy, comprised of silicone bubbles that you can push from one side to the other. It’s a great fidget toy and oddly addicting. Viv has enjoyed teething on this one as well (silicone for the win). It’s also a fantastic size for tossing in the diaper bag.

5. Munchie Mug {$17.99}

This may not be a toy, but what toddler doesn’t want snacks? I love the Munchie Mug; hands down the best snack trap out there. The top is made of soft, stretchy fabric that is easy for little ones to shove their hand into, but also spill-free! They come in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as two different sizes, and also include a solid lid for keeping snacks fresh when on the go. I highly recommend this cup for every mama with little ones! Be sure to check out munchiemug.com, as they do run promos.

There you have it – my top 5 gift ideas for one(ish) year olds! I hope that you found these suggestions helpful. Also, bonus gift idea – Vivian is *crazy* about the book in the photo above (Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown). It tells, in a rhyme, about how the animals spend their day on the farm and has darling illustrations.

It Let me know what other product lists you would be interested in seeing!

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