Our God: A Shapes Primer | Product Review

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One of my favorite things about this book is that it teaches children not only to recognize shapes in the world around them, but also the hand of our Creator in those very shapes. Now when they see a round clock they won’t just think ‘circle’ – they’ll associate ‘circle’ with God being the ‘Rock of Ages’. I’m realizing more and more just how sponge-like toddler minds are. Vivian pays attention and memorizes more things than I know, and I want to be diligent about putting Scripture before her daily for her to soak up.

In keeping with the other Baby Believer books, Our God features bold and appealing colors and modern illustrations with a simplistic charm that will appeal to all ages. I absolutely love the artwork! Each page shows a shape with its name, and on the adjacent page it features the shape in a picture with a corresponding Bible verse.

As always, I love love love that these books are composed of Scripture. No diluted gospel here – we are teaching our little ones the very word of God. And yes, there will be words that are hard to understand, concepts above their head – but that is why we are here alongside them, to help them learn and grow and understand. Just like when we adults read the Scripture for ourselves, there will be more to unpack with each reading. 

Our God deserves a place on your bookshelf – hopefully right next to the rest of the series! I cannot recommend them enough. Such a beautiful, timely resource for nurturing our children in the way of the Lord.

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