Setting the Stage for Your Birth

Birth is a unique and powerful experience. The rawness of it, the primal power of womankind, the overwhelming awe of bringing a new soul into the world – there simply is nothing like it in the world. Extreme pain giving way to instinctive and fierce devotion. It is an out-of-body experience, yet one that is intimately physical and inescapable.

I think a birth plan is a wise thing to have – and to hold onto loosely. What happens during your labor is, ultimately, beyond your control – something that I learned the hard way – and the more you can be at peace with that the better. That being said, there are still things you can do beforehand to help make your birth experience a good one.

Setting the Stage

Much of what I’m sharing in this post comes down to atmosphere, the space you create for bringing your little one into the world. Depending on where you plan to deliver, you will have a varying amount of control over your surroundings. However, there are still steps you can take to create an environment that you find both comfortable and comforting.

The Five Senses

Remind Yourself Why You’re There

One of the most important and helpful things that you can do is remind yourself of the end goal, what you are working towards. This is the day that you finally get to meet your precious baby!

Birth is nothing less than astonishing. Don’t ever let fear of the unknown cloud your vision. Focus on the moment, the here and now, the one thing that you can control, and think about that baby. Know that your body was created to do this, and that in and of itself is a miracle.

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