Mother’s Day | Gift + Celebration Ideas

If there is a day that absolutely ought to be celebrated, it is Mother’s Day 2020. Although we are only one third of the way through the year, 2020 has already proven to be one for the books – and everyone, mothers especially, have had a much greater load to bear these past couple of months. Let’s take a step back from the craziness and find a special way to applaud the women in our lives who do so much for us.

“But how?”, you may be thinking. How do we celebrate Mother’s Day when our traditions are so disrupted, we can’t visit our moms, go out to dinner, or even shop at most stores? Isn’t it ‘just another day’ at that point?

This, my friends, is the year to scale back. To simplify things, get back to the heart of the matter, to realign our focus and be creative in expressing our love and gratitude. It is not ‘just another day’, yet at the same time it is about more than the day itself. It is about acknowledging how much our mothers have done and continue to do for us.

I would like to share some suggestions for honoring mothers this year – whether that be your own mom, your spouse, or a maternal figure in your life. Before diving in, I’d like to refer you to my last gift guide so you can check out my general guidelines for purchasing gifts. The short version is, don’t spend money just for the sake of it; it truly is the thought that counts!

Mother’s Day 2020
Gift + Celebration Ideas

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Write a Letter

Enjoy A Meal

There is something to be said for having dinner prepared for you. My husband often cooks on the weekend, and it always makes me feel so loved (especially because he makes tacos). It is simple, perhaps unoriginal, but it’s a thoughtful way to relieve some of her duties and show her that you see the work she does.

Dinner out may not be an option right now, but you can still find ways to make it different and fun. Decorate the dining room, have a picnic on the floor, order takeout, eat outside. If she prefers breakfast food, make a brunch! Have fun with it – and don’t forget to wash the dishes for her.

Take A Picture

Buy A Gift

Personalized Jewelry




Acts-of-Service Vouchers

Shop Small

Make A Gift

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