Simple + Modern Toddler Bedroom

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Unpacking after a move, in my estimation, is the easy part. I had most of our boxes unpacked within two weeks of moving into our new home. Chaos and I don’t get along very well, so I made getting things tucked away a priority.

The part that takes time is decorating. Especially being in a brand new house, I don’t want to just set out random decor for the sake of filling space. No. My home is pretty plain right now, and it can sometimes be difficult because I just want to dive in and make it my own! But I am trying to be patient. I know what styles I do and don’t like; it’s simply a matter of biding my time until I have some money to put into the house and find the right things. I am a big fan of an intentional, simple decorating approach (I very much wanted to use the word “minimalist” here, but I’m afraid that is something I more aspire to, rather than actually live out).

However, there is one room in my house that, even in this still settling in stage, is very put-together – that would be Vivian’s bedroom. She has had her own room for nearly a year now and it has been so fun to decorate her little space.

I knew from the beginning that I didn’t want her room to be bold or overwhelming. It is, more than anything else, a place of rest, and as such I wanted to keep it calm. A clean, appealing color palate, rather than intense colors or patterns. Some toys and books for the times that we are in there, but for the most part pretty open; the majority of her playthings are in the living room downstairs, where we spend much of the day. Vivian never had a specific nursery ‘theme’ – partly because she shared a room with us for so long, and partly because I never settled on any one particular thing. I’d say my inspiration was black, white, gold, floral, and geometric.

Another element of my design-approach was budget. While I didn’t buy all of these things at once, I still was conscious of the money that I was spending and wanted to be frugal. I feel like as a whole, I accomplished that pretty well. The most expensive items were practical needs (crib, mattress, dresser), and the total spent on those was about $150. The rocking chair we found on Facebook Marketplace for $5!

Also, not everything here was purchased specifically for her bedroom. Some things were pulled from other places, other items were gifts. Be creative, and reuse / repurpose where you are able. It saves money and adds character to your space.

Modern Burlap muslin blanket.

This blanket, in addition to being one of the very first things I bought for her, is one of my favorite pieces in Vivian’s room. We read it as part of her bedtime prayer. Modern Burlap is a wonderful small-company, and they produce high quality goods; I own a number of things from them. It would seem that this particular design is no longer available, but they have many other songs, verses, and quotes to choose from (in addition to other great products).

I absolutely love this name art, made as a gift by my talented bestie. If you are interested in something similar, let me know! I can put you in contact. The silver frame may not go with the gold theme of the room, but it was otherwise too perfect to pass up.

The grey tray was purchased from Ikea for a whopping $3, and I found the ampersand at Dollar Tree. I like to browse their decorative items now and again, as they sometimes get some fun pieces. The wood + wire basket holding her diapers was found at Ross for $5.

This beautiful canvas is from Hobby Lobby. I loved the neutral colors and the simple, modern design. At half off I believe I paid $12.50.

Llama was $7 at Fred Meyer, square frame was $5 Homegoods; William’s Sonoma espresso mug & shelf were gifted.

Curtains from Costco, gold basket from Walmart, rocking chair from Homegoods, jackalope from Pottery Barn Kids, Dohm white noise machine from Amazon. Llama pillow from Homegoods.

“I am not doing a llama theme!” I said it over and over, yet somehow I ended up walking out of Hobby Lobby with this irresistibly cute art piece (which also coordinates beautifully with the other canvas). I still wouldn’t say that her room is “llama themed”, but in addition to the art piece there is the ceramic llama on her shelf, as well as a crochet llama that I made for her – aaaand the llama pillow in the rocking chair. But that’s it, I promise!

Next to her rocking chair you’ll notice our white noise machine. I love it so much! Andrew and I have one in our bedroom as well. White noise creates a perfect mask over other sounds and helps promote sleep. It is especially great for taking on vacation, when you’re in an unfamiliar place or somewhere there may be more noise than your little one is accustomed to. It’s a portable piece of familiarity that can help your child sleep wherever you are.

The final little nook! This large wire basket was another great Homegoods find. I originally bought it for my yarn stash, but it found its way into Viv’s bedroom and now holds her dolls and animals. The gold wooden V on the wall is from Hobby Lobby. For all the stores that carry decorative initials, I had the hardest time finding the letter V! Luckily for me, Hobby Lobby stocks the entire alphabet. The mini floral garland above was a wreath that I used for her first birthday party.

I realize that I don’t have a good shot of just her bed, but a quick note on bedding. The blanket hanging over the side was crocheted by yours truly, and the heather grey sheets are from Amazon. Not wanting to spend a lot of money on a crib sheet, I was happy to find this one for only $10. I have been very pleased with the softness and quality, and they have several color options.

The one thing I feel her room is missing is some kind of rug, but I have yet to find the perfect design / price.

One final note. You may have noticed the moon hanging on the wall. Vivian loves the moon (perhaps I’ll write a post about her “Two the Moon” birthday party sometime), so my mom bought her this light up moon for Christmas. It’s very cool! Portions of it light up as it cycles through the phases of the moon. It comes with a remote control (Viv loves to be the one to turn it on), and it runs on a 30 minute timer so you don’t have to worry about coming back to turn it off after your little one falls asleep. If you have a child that loves the moon or outer space, you should definitely check it out.

That’s the breakdown! I realize that this isn’t the kind of bedroom/nursery you’d exactly imitate; rather, my hope was to give you a bit of inspiration in how you approach decorating your little one’s room, as well as some ideas on where to find great decor (Homegoods, y’all). Everyone has a different approach, but mine was simply finding affordable pieces that each brought something to the room as a whole, creating a coherent and pleasant environment where my girl can sleep, play, and enjoy life.

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