Erasing the Space

I wrestled with myself for a while over whether or not to start this blog.
You already have a blog, I pointed out to myself.
There are literally thousands of other ‘mom blogs’ out there.
You have one child – a toddler at that. What ‘experience’ do you have to share?
How are you going to keep up with posting consistently, between making time and coming up with new material?
What do you have to say that hasn’t already been said?

And on and on it goes.

But you know what, self? No one else has my exact voice. No one else has lived the exact same story, or sees things exactly the same way. Maybe I have something unique to share. Maybe I can make someone laugh, or phrase something in such a way that it really “clicks” for them.

Maybe I can bless other people.

That is, and always has been, my hope for my writings – that others would be blessed.That is why I share my words on a public platform; to reach a wider audience and, Lord willing, add something positive to their lives.

I am just a wife and mama who loves her family passionately and wants to serve God with her life. While this past year has been especially blessed in many ways it has also been one with a lot of spiritual struggle for me, but I hope and pray that in 2019 I grow to know and fall in love with my Savior more than ever before.

I may be extra ordinary, but I serve a God who delights in erasing the space between those two words and making ordinary people extraordinary, and I pray that He would work through and be glorified in this blog.

                                                                                                -Mariah {April 2019}